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Blind Date by Samara Siskind. (2). Productions (81). Comedy; 10 - 15 minutes; 1 f, 1 m; Set: Minimal. Couch and table. SHARE THIS PLAY: Love is blind or is it. A WOMAN walks from the ladies toilet back to her table, where a MAN sits waiting patiently. They share an awkward smile until he notices something. one act romantic comedy, short comedy play script, short romantic play script, short funny play, two hander short play, two-hander short plays,  Number of actors ‎: ‎Two -- a 2 hander, two hander.

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I had drinks at The Blue Dragon WOMAN You turn me on. You have to be gracious … SARAH NANCY. So, what the hell, I talk to her. The man stops eating. MAN Pain WAITER WHY? She loses control completely. Do I hear a mambo? Campbell plays by author playwright jean blasiar plays by author playwright keith passmore plays by author playwright peter pitt plays tree peaks solitaire papa cupkeria plays for community theatre plays for drama groups online plays for high school plays for primary school publish a play online publish my play online publish play screenplay online publish your play online screenplay publishers scriptwriters screenplays publishers short one act play skits by author playwright Lois and Kelly Corcoran skits for church skits for the holidays stage play scripts publishers submit play for publishing submit play publishing submit your play for publishing two-hander one-act play script where can i have my play published. She was in her element, a natural with the boys and the girls, hysterical from day one, and the public adored. Do you enjoy dancing? The woman lifts the tablecloth and crawls. God, I hope it's not the embalmer.

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JAN 15, - JAN 15, North Branford High School North Branford, CT United States. Your friends live on Elm and East Hill? She isn't at all what I thought she'd be. I hear you were a football player in high school. Let me feel your warmth. Loud sounds of chewing. This is our first toast. Call us at NEW-PLAY Customers email info playscripts. I've lost my deprec The waiter, oblivious, enters the scene, tapping his cane and carrying two trays of food. WAITER collecting the menus YOU WERE WARNED. She was in her element, a natural with the boys and the girls, hysterical from day one, and the public adored her. Davis, would you explain this? No, I brought something better than a guitar. Oh, that looks nice. Are you with me? What happened to your pocket? I thought you were Ms. I always was a candy person. David, it won't work. SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalität und Leistungsfähigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen.

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